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Can sperm dilute a drug test

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First of all, what is this? And secondly, does this mean the drug test is positive or negative? This is an important thing for companies that do drug testing to understand.

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When a drug test comes back as a negative dilute, it basically means that there was too much water in the urine to get an accurate screening. Most normal samples will have a creatinine value between milligrams per deciliter. Less than 20 milligrams per deciliter is considered dilute. So, bottom line: a negative dilute means too much water is present to determine accurate test results. Some employees also try to cheat the test by adding water to their urine sample cup.

Everything to Know About Diluted Urine Drug Test Results

First of all, if a test comes back as a positive dilute, that means that an employee has drugs in his or her system. It means that while there was more than the usual amount of water in the sample, the presence of drugs was still there. However, if the test comes back as a negative dilute, this does not automatically mean that drugs were present in the urine sample. It simply means there was too much water to tell one way or the other. The employer might ask the employee to submit another urine sample, and to not drink anything beforehand.

No one can actually watch the sample submission, unless the MRO advises them to. The best way to prevent negative dilute results is to make sure employees understand that excessive drinking prior to sample submission can cause it, and they will have to do the whole thing all over again. Another option is to administer the sample collection first thing in the morning, when urine has a higher amount of creatinine.

This will keep the issue under control and will guide everyone clearly on what to do.

Avoiding Negative Dilute Drug Test Results

This includes trucking companies, car services, cruise lines, coast guards, and more.Drug test results sometimes come back as negative dilute or positive dilute.

Let's talk about positive dilute first. When a positive dilute drug test result comes back from a medical review officer MROthe drug test is positive, without question. It's the negative dilute result that causes questions for employers. First, let's understand dilution in urine. If a person drinks an excessive amount of fluids, their urine might be diluted, meaning there is more water in the specimen than actual urine. This is something measured at the laboratory with creatinine levels and specific gravity.

Normal human urine contains creatinine. This is reported by the lab as substituted and is reported by the Medical Review Officer MRO to the employer as a refusal to test. Basically, the employee has cheated on the test and got caught. This is a suspicious situation but not a violation. For DOT testing, this second test should be under direct observation.

For non-DOT testing, direct observations are not recommended. Always ensure that the employee or applicant is given the minimum possible advance notice that he or she must go back to the collection site.

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This second test will be your official result. In this situation, the employer has options, and these options can vary for different types of tests e. You must inform your employees in advance of your decisions on these matters. Typically, the options might be for existing employees versus applicants.

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The options are to accept the negative dilute as negative or require a retest, and in this case, not under direct observation. It is always best to go for a urine collection first thing in the morning because your urine is fresh and not likely dilute. Do not drink extra water because you are afraid of not being able to produce urine at your drug test collection.

If you normally drink large quantities of fluids, cut back a bit before going for your drug test. Drinking an excessive quantity of fluid before a drug test can cause dilution and then you might have to go back for another drug test. You want to avoid this. If, at the collection site for your drug test, you have any difficulty providing the required 45 mL of urine, you will be given time to drink some water and try again. We call this a shy bladder.

There is a shy bladder process where you have up to three hours to provide your specimen and you are given a maximum of 45 ounces of water spread out over the three hours.

Contact Form. Client Login. Posted: Oct 02 By: Kolleen Harkson Drug test results sometimes come back as negative dilute or positive dilute. Failure of the employee or applicant to submit for this recollection is classified by the DOT as a refusal to test. Otherwise i. Failure of the employee or applicant to submit for this recollection is as a refusal to test. Direct observation is not recommended for a non-DOT test.With drug tests becoming both more common and more invasive, people everywhere are looking for ways that they can turn the tables on their prying employers.

Some have turned to asking friends to provide them with samples they can submit when the time comes. This, however, is a strategy fraught with potential drawbacks since you don't ever really know what someone else may have put in their system that could come back to haunt you.

Others turn instead to the idea that a diluted sample is a safe sample. That is, if they can simply add enough water to their pee, any drug residuals will be so small as to be undetectable. But does it work? Diluting a urine sample that is to be submitted for drug screening is a strategy that makes a certain amount of sense but will also put the diluter squarely in violation of the terms of their employment. As such, deciding whether to dilute or not dilute is a judgment call only the individual can make.

Should you decide to adopt this strategy, there are a few things you'll need to consider. You can be sure of one thing: you are not the first person who has decided that diluting their urine sample is a smart move. Because screening companies are fully aware of this trick, it's not unusual for them to prepare their bathrooms in advance by adding dye to the toilet water and turning off the water entirely to the sink.

In a case like that then where will you find the water to dilute the sample? Diluting your sample exposes you to several potential risks with three being of particular importance.

The answer is "It depends. The fact that you took the job even though you had to agree to drug testing must mean you thought the job was worth it. It likely offers a good salary and benefits and has the potential for advancement.

If you believe there is good cause to be concerned about an upcoming drug test, then you might want to consider ways you can pass it that may not be entirely above board. However, you also know that the checking agency uses dry rooms with no water sources available.

Do you just bite the bullet, cross your fingers and submit your dirty pee? Or do you try another approach? In such circumstances, many determine that submitting a sample of synthetic urine is the best way to obtain a positive result without raising any red flags.

High-quality synthetic urine is easy to obtain, easy to prepare and has a proven track record. The most recommended product in our opinion is the Clear Choice Sub Solution. It can guarantee that you pass your next drug test with flying colors given that you follow the instructions on the box.

It's an easy purchase in our opinion and can definitely get your butt out of the mess that it is in. For the lowest price for Clear Choice Sub Solution, you can click the button below to get it from an approved reseller.Drug tests are a part of most new job opportunities. Prospective hires know it might be coming, and current employees should be aware that random drug tests are always a possibility. Most employers use a standard five-panel drug test that screens for the five most common street drugs: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines meth, speed, ecstasyand phencyclidine.

If an employee is concerned about testing "dirty," they might try to cheat the test. There are several ways people attempt to get away with cheating a drug test, most of which simply don't work; but there is one that an employee might get away with, and it involves diluting their urine so that the sample comes out negative or clean.

If an employee provides urine for a drug test and the specimen comes back dilute, it means that the person drank too much water prior to the test and literally diluted their urine. It could also mean they physically poured water into their urine sample before turning it in. While this latter scenario pretty much confirms that the person tried to cheat their drug test, it's worth noting that in the case of the former scenario, a urine sample could come up dilute simply because the person drinks a lot of water in general, and their urine is probably normally that diluted.

Of course, there's a way to measure the sample to confirm that it's indeed dilute. Tests for creatinine and specific gravity are routinely run on urine samples, so labs know to look out for this. These numbers don't mean much to most people, but it's obvious that dilute urine provides a hurdle to employers. Dilute drug tests are a problem because it makes it harder to determine if that person is using illegal substances.

There are two types of dilute drug tests. A positive dilute always means that you tested positive for an illegal substance, regardless of it being diluted. Despite the amount of water in the urine, the test still picked up on some kind of illegal drug. A negative dilute, however, is a different story, and it could mean one of two things.

It could come back negative either because there truthfully are no illegal substances in the person's system, or because their urine was too dilute for the test to pick up on any. In other words, that person successfully cheated their drug test. Oftentimes, when an employer sees a negative dilute drug test result, they'll send the employee back for another test.

As an employer, note that a negative dilute test should not be considered grounds for rejecting an applicant or firing an employee. The only real conclusion you can draw from a negative test is that you need to perform a second. Similarly, an applicant or employee who provides a negative dilute specimen should not panic about being accused of doing drugs unless, of course, you're doing drugs — in which case, feel free to panic.

Science hasn't named one specific number — a precise amount of water to consume — that will end up as a dilute sample. It's easy enough for an employee to figure out, though, simply based on the color of their urine. The goal for them will be to get their urine as clear as possible, which is a sign that they're very hydrated and their urine is diluted. Just think about what your urine looks like when you first wake up in the morning, having gone all night with no water — it's typically very dark yellow in nature.

That's because it's very undiluted. If you drink even close to the amount of water your body needs throughout the day, it will never look the way it does in the morning. So, to dilute urine, you must go in the opposite direction and drink an excessive amount of water in a short span of time, before you provide a specimen.

The amount of water that will create a diluted sample likely varies from person to person. It might be a half gallon for one and a full gallon for another; but the rule of thumb for anyone trying to dilute urine is simple: don't stop chugging until your urine is clear.

can sperm dilute a drug test

If you're an employer, while you can send someone back for a second test if the first comes up negative dilute, you obviously can't control what an applicant or employee does in the day or hours leading up to their drug test. If they're not intentionally trying to cheat and want to remain cognizant of providing a proper specimen, though, there are undoubtedly things they can do to avoid a dilute drug test result.

The most obvious piece of advice is to not drink copious amounts of water. Leading up to a drug test, you really don't need more than one full glass. In fact, it's most ideal to provide your sample first thing in the morning before you've gone to the bathroom for the first time, so you're using the urine that was sitting in your bladder all night.

But if you just can't hold it that long and this option really isn't feasible, then you should aim to empty your bladder a couple of hours before providing a specimen, taking care not to drink too much water in the hours before your test.Diluting Urine to Pass a Drug Test The process of diluting urine in order to pass a drug test is a common strategy.

Dilution is adding some substance to your urine that will mask or destroy the drug residue. There are quite a few substances that you can use in an effort to skew the results of the test. None of them are risk free. If you know you will fail the test, you really have nothing to lose by giving it a shot and see what you can do.

There is an array of common substances out there that you can try. Be well aware though, that there are things that can go wrong. With sophisticated tests, there could be controls in place.

For example, they typically test the pH balance, the temperature, and other properties of the urine. They may have someone overseeing the test too, which ensures the urine you are submitting did indeed come from your body at that point in time.

can sperm dilute a drug test

Diluting your urine sample with adulterants is risky business. In the early days, it was common or, not uncommon to spike the urine with vinegar, or eye drops which would alter the drug residue to make it undetectable.

can sperm dilute a drug test

Since then, if some kind of foreign substance is detected in your urine, it will be considered a positive analysis. On balance, diluting your urine specimen is a losing proposition. Evaluate it here: I Need Help with This.

Water and Sports Drinks This is flushing the system internally. Everyone knows that drinking lots of water is going to make you urinate more. Drinking several gallons of water can help to remove some toxins from your body, and help to dilute what you have taken in terms of drugs.

However, there could be trace amounts of those substances that do remain in the body for days, weeks, and even months. It depends on what it is and the volume -are you an occasional user, a chronic user, -only on the 4th of July?

It also depends upon other variables.

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Body mass and metabolism levels vary from one person to the next. If they test for creatinine, then you will likely have lower than normal levels of it after flushing. This is going to be hard to explain, as it is a highly probable indication that you have been trying to flush your system to clean up your urine. Alternating water with sports drinks though, can be a good solution. It can help to clean up the urine and to pass toxins faster, all while helping you to keep decent enough creatinine levels.

Increase Creatinine The body naturally produces creatinineand you can also buy supplements at most health food stores. Increasing the amount of creatinine in your urine may help with diluting various types of drugs in the system. For the best results, you do need to start about 48 hours before the test will take place.

If you have a shorter window of timeit can be more difficult to do successfully. Keep in mind that many tests for drugs also will identify the level of creatinine present. If it is spiking off the charts, it can be a red flag. However, you can always tell them that you are involved with using the supplement for a very strict diet and workout regiment. If you are in decent shape, this could be a believable story that will at least buy you some time before a second test is conducted.

Negative Dilute Drug Test Result

Social buttons are found on each page. Thank you for spending some time here.A dilute specimen is a urine sample that has higher water content than the average specimen, which minimizes the drug levels visible in the urine.

Sometimes dilution is intentional, but it can happen accidentally as well. If the drug levels do not reach a certain cut-off point established by the laboratory, the specimen will not be marked positive for the drug even if it is detected. Below we explore what causes diluted drug test results and how you can prevent specimens from being diluted. Most diluted drug test results are produced unintentionally by the participant. This can occur when an applicant consumes an excessive amount of fluid, diluting the concentration of urine in the sample.

However, it is also possible for specimens to be diluted on purpose by someone who hopes to cheat the test and hide their drug use. The participant could 1 intentionally ingest lots of fluid or 2 pour fluid directly into their urine sample. Both techniques will lower drug ratios in the urine, and the laboratory will detect the diluted drug test results.

Neither technique guarantees a negative result. To identify diluted urine, laboratories look at several parameters, including the levels of creatinine in the sample.

It is a myth that cheating participants can raise their creatinine levels by taking creatine or eating red meat to evade detection. Labs can also identify diluted drug test results by measuring the specific gravity of the specimen. If it is less than 1. Diluted drug test results make it difficult to determine if the participant is using drugs, as they may provide inconclusive results.

There are two types of dilute specimens: positive and negative. With a positive diluted drug test, the laboratory picks up the presence of an illegal substance despite its dilution. Negative diluted drug test results are another story. With a negative diluted test result, it is unknown whether the person had any drugs in their system because there are two possible conclusions. First, the participant may be drug-free but simply consume a lot of fluids.

Second, the participant may engage in drug use but successfully disguise this through dilution. For this reason, an employer should not consider a negative diluted drug test result grounds for rejecting a job applicant or firing an employee.

Instead, they should schedule a second drug test and do their best to prevent dilution the second time around. To prevent both accidental and intentional dilution of drug test results, employers, participants, and testing centers are encouraged to use the following tips:.

We can help you further explore your options so that you can select a testing methodology that reflects your wants, your needs, your concerns, and your budget.

With our corporate office based in Springfield, Missouri, we offer customized solutions to make drug testing simple, and our nationwide network of clinics and providers allows Tomo Drug Testing to be available anytime, anywhere. We would be happy to help! Will not be displayed Formerly Employee Screening Services.

can sperm dilute a drug test

We are committed to making a difference in the companies we work with.If you go for a drug test and your result comes back as negative dilute, you employer may ask you to for another drug test.

This will certainly be inconvenient for you. Basically when your urine specimen for a drug test comes up dilute, you have drank too much water in advance of the test.

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You should be careful not to overconsume fluids prior to a drug test. An extra glass of water is about all you need. If you drink too much fluids, then you will more than likely end up with a dilute specimen. A positive dilute drug test result is always positive. When you have negative dilute drug test result, many employers will require you to go back for another drug test. Dilution is caused by adding fluid to the sample or by drinking large amounts of fluid which may dilute the specimen.

If you are adding fluid to your sample, it is likely you are trying to cheat on the drug test. These 2 tests are routinely performed on every urine sample that is tested at the Lab. If the specimen meets the above 2 criteria, it is reported as a "Dilute specimen".

When a urine specimen is "dilute", it is possible that drugs in their system may not be detected. This should never be a reason for you to be terminated or not get the job. If this does happen, call an attorney. You should never be fired because you drink a lot of water but you do need to be able to produce normal human urine with the appropriate creatinine and specific gravity levels.

Failure to do this many be suspicious.

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If you add fluids to your urine specimen, this could be grounds for termination of employment or perhaps not getting the job. It is best if you go for the drug test first thing in the morning. Have some coffee and a glass of water and you will be fine. One can never assume that a dilute specimen indicates cheating on the drug test.